What Is Food and Example?

Food is a substance that is mostly made up of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and other nutrients that are used by an organism to grow, keep its organs working, and give it energy. Digestion helps the body absorb and use the food it eats, which is an important part of nutrition. The main source of food is photosynthesis, which is how plants turn energy from the sun into food. Most of the time, animals that eat plants also feed other animals. See “food chain” to learn more about how matter and energy are passed from one organism to another through food.

Hunting and gathering, gardening, herding, and the development of agriculture are the main ways that people have changed to fit their environments and find food. Food has been a way for people to share their culture and a driving force behind globalization for a long time. This was especially true in the early days of European trade and colonization, when foods like hot red pepper, corn (maize), and sweet potatoes spread from Europe to Africa and Asia.

There are a few articles that talk about food. See nutrition, nutrition, human digestion, and the human digestive system for a description of how food is taken in and used. See food preservation for information about how raw foods are prepared to be cooked, eaten, or stored.


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